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do kids these days know about grace kelly by mika


1. i can’t believe there are people in the world who haven’t heard this

2. go check out mika he’s great - important to note is that he’s mlm (he’s come out alternately as being gay, bisexual and ‘not interested in labels’ for a while) and a huge amount of his songs are about being mlm so in particular if ya need good mlm artists check him out

Seriously Mika is a gift and sunshine unto this sick sad world

mika is wildly popular in europe but his north american fanbase is like, six people and a napkin, and it’s killing me. 

ALSO, he came out as bisexual/‘not interested in labels’ like a decade ago, but much more recently he came out as gay, so he’s gay! his latest album, No Place In Heaven, is almost completely about being gay.
it’s got a song abt his sexuality and his religion, a song abt pining for your straight best friend, a song abt the music world that includes the lyrics “where have all the gay guys gone?”, a song abt gay and lesbian solidarity, a song abt heterosexual expectations from family, and two songs that are just abt being super ridiculously in love w your partner.

please listen to Mika’s entire discography because there are a LOT of classics that i’m 100% sure you’ve heard at some point in your life, all the love songs are implicitly gay, it’s great, but ESPECIALLY listen to No Place In Heaven (2015).

it always surprises me to remember that mika isn’t actually a part of the global populace’s general consciousness

because his debut album, life in cartoon motion, was such a huge part of my generation’s tween and teen years

like, i guarantee you, you can walk up to any swedish millennial, and they will still know every single line of his song lollipop

it was just a part of our upbringing;

  • become a crippling anxious mess
  • develop an attitude problem
  • and memorize all of mika’s lollipop

This is the song of his I remember being popular here in Ireland, Love Today!


Grace Kelly was such a big song for me… It’s hard for me to believe it’s considered an older song now. Bless, Mika. He’s just a wonderful person.

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